How to Plant & Care for a Blue Potato Bush. Hot links . Three or four cuttings can be put into each pot. Grow this bush in zones 8 to 11. As a high trunk, the gentian tree has a compact form, which quickly loses its shape through vigorous night rubbing. The potato bush plant (Lycianthes rantonnetii), a native of Argentina and Paraguay, is best suited to the frost-free climates … The substrate should never dry out, which means that on hot days watering will not be enough. It has deep green leaves that will provide dense cover when grown in full sun. Sun Exposure: Full Sun. Synonyms Solanum rantonnetii. Plant Care: Full Sun. T: "Il y a environs dix and qu'un officier de marine, ayant rapporté des graines qu'il avait recuilles aux environs de la Plata, les donna à un horticulteur de Toulon..." You can cut right back on watering over the colder months. Flowers from mid-spring to late autumn. Spider mites and white flies can also be found. Tropicals and Tender Perennials. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings. Royal Robe . This beautiful container plant presented continuously from May to October countless flowers. Because the plant is originally native to warm South America, where there are … Browse inspiration articles; Buy plants online; RHS Flower Shows » For the latest on RHS Shows in 2020 and 2021, read more. Moderate Watering. If the character of a Hochstammes is to be maintained, frequent Nachschneiden at the Enzianbaum is inevitable. A powerful shower already removes a large part of the pests. The sweetly scented flowers of Lycianthes rantonnetii, also known as Solanum rantonnetii, blue potato bush and Paraguay nightshade, provide a focal point to a tropical or cottage garden. Suggested uses. Borne on slender, sprawling stems, the cup-shaped blossoms are profuse throughout warm weather and give way to showy red berries. Pruning solanum rantonetii - Besides the difficulty of pronouncing it's name, this is a lovely plant. Solanum Potato Vine (Solanum rantonnetii) is a tough evergreen vine known for its eye catching display of purple blue blooms with bold yellow stamens for most months of the year. Foliage Color: Unknown - Tell us. The plant will prefer soil with a pH that is either neutral or slightly alkaline, but this isn't critical. Frost Sensitive. Some gardeners recommend wrapping the plant with fairy lights suitable for outdoor use and then wrapping in an old shower curtain or similar. It is better to water once a week and water deeply, than to water frequently for a few minutes. Full sun. This plant is native to warm climates, so in cold areas, it’s important to plant it in a sheltered area to help it survive the winter. Most plants like 1 inch of water a week during the growing season, but take care not to over water. Pruning Required – Needs to be Pruned. The zones refer to the location you live in, as outlined by the USDA Hardiness Zone Map. Water Needs. From March, two fertilizer feeds will be added each week, preferably liquid fertilizer for flowering plants in irrigation water. The potato bush plant is an attractive shrub that grows up to 6 feet tall and wide. However, future buds will also fall, which can limit the abundance of flowers. With the pruning one waits better until spring. If your garden soil is sandy, it may be advisable to add some lime at planting time. Hort.135, t.32 (1859); originally as rantonnei. In insect pests, the gentian bush is popular: aphids romping on the buds. Solanum rantonnetii Hailing from South America, this is a lax, rambling shrub, sometimes known as the blue potato bush. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that is frost-free, your purple flower potato bush may bloom year-round. Solanum is a large and diverse genus of flowering plants, which include three food crops of high economic importance, the potato, the tomato and the eggplant (aubergine, brinjal). Frost Sensitive – Will Get Damaged and Possibly Killed During Periods of Frost. The Solanum Rantonnetii, or blue potato bush is a woody shrub that grows to about 2 x 2 m. It has a tumbling, drooping growth habit that makes it unsuitable for planting singly as a specimen plant; rather plant quite a few of them between other large shrubs in the background of a large bed, or in a row against a wire fence or palisade boundary. The amount of water it gets in winter, however, should be much lower than in summer. In order for the gentian bush to flower abundantly throughout the summer, it needs a well-fortified potting soil. The Solanum rantonnetii species will develop better in soils with acidic or neutral pH. The purple flower potato bush will thrive in US zones 8 to 11. Nitrogen encourages leaf growth instead of flower growth. All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested. Family Solanaceae Details L. rantonnetii is a lax, evergreen shrub producing clusters of lightly fragrant, purple-blue, funnel-shaped flowers in summer and autumn. It is evergreen in warm climates, and its dense growth habit makes it suitable for use as a hedge or screen. Lycianthes rantonnetii Condensed Version: Lycianthes rantonnetii is a beautiful sprawling woody shrub which grows +-1.5 to 2.5m high with a 1.5 to 2m spread. About every two years, the gentian tree becomes too narrow in its pot. Native to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay, the blue potato bush is cultivated all over the world for its beautiful deep purple-blue flowers. In very mild areas, grow in moist but well-drained soil, preferably against a … The Royal Horticultural Society gave Lycianthes rantonnetii their prestigious Award of Garden Merit in 2012. The perfect time to cut an Enzian shrub is the early spring, before it expands again. Substrate The commonly used substrates are Terrabonsai or an equal mixture of blond peat and Akadama. Solanum rantonnetii (Blue potato bush) will reach a height of 2m and a spread of 2m after 5-10 years.. Moderate Watering – Requires Regular Watering. Normally, hibernating a gentian tree is easy, provided its substrate is kept moist. The blue potato bush (Solanum rantonnetii), also known as Paraguay nightshade, is a shrub native to both Brazil and Paraguay. It flowers in the warmer months, having rounded violet-blue flowers, more intensely coloured in the cultivar 'Royal Robe'. But one favourite is the Paraguayan nightshade, Solanum rantonnetii 'Royal Purple', which flowers for about 10 months of the year. Add colour and curb appeal to your garden with this evergreen, fast growing shrub. The amount of phosphorous should be higher than the amount of nitrogen in the mix. Also remove any suckers – the shoots that form from the rootstock – unless you want the plant to spread. Solanum rantonnetii 'Royal Robe' Sku #7096. Blooms are on display for long periods which makes this an excellent shrub for filling areas at the back of mixed garden beds. The first year is critical. Your patio tree will grow in full sun or part afternoon shade and prefers regular applications of water during the growing season. Solanum rantonnetiiCarrière, Rev. Common name: Blue Potato Bush, Blue Solanum ‘Royal Robe’ Botanical name: Solanum rantonnetii ‘Royal Robe’ Climate: It will grow best in warm climates Description: A potato vine with reddish purple, yellow centred flowers that grows 1.5-2m (5′-6’6″) tall. My calendar. 5° C to about 12° C are optimal in temporary residence. Unfortunately, his care is not easy, but with a little skill and the right location, he will thank you year after year. You can also grow it as a tree by removing the lower branches. In other areas, you can expect it to die back in winter but re-grow and blossom again the following year. The first two years after a plant is installed, regular watering is important for establishment. Solanum Rantonnetti from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: (syn. Strong and gentle at the same time, the question here should be why prune at all? Fill a 6-inch pot with well-drained potting soil. Pruning Required. In warm climates it is evergreen and can bloom almost all year round, but is most prolific during the warmer months. Easy to handle and maintain, this shrubby climber tolerates extreme heat and will happily flower throughout the toughest Summer without any real help. Botanical name: Solanum rantonnetii (Royal Robe) Family Solanaceae Plant type: Evergreen shrub. Make sure to choose a spot in your garden where the bush will have plenty of space - around 40 inches (101.6 cm) on each side. (You should prune it to the desired shape). Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Full Sun – Prefers 6 or more hours of sun per day. It will tolerate brief periods of drought after it is established, but it's best to water regularly for continuous flowering. Solanum rantonetti. A very showy plant. This will result in better flowering. To prune the stems, cut to a point just above a leaf node. Solanum rantonnetii He is also known as gentian shrub, tree or gentian potato tree. The blue potato bush can grow up to 8 feet tall and 6 feet in diameter. Relocate the plant to a less cold area during frosty weather: a greenhouse or conservatory is ideal. This beautiful plant produces green foliage and deep blue flowers with yellow centres over summer. Once established, the plant will be drought-tolerant but it’s still advisable to water during dry periods, especially if the soil becomes dry below the surface. Can be grown as a climber, a loose spreading bush or an informal hedge. Against a red brick wall - out of the wind - is ideal. The Solanum family of plants is a large genus under the family umbrella of Solanaceae that includes up to 2,000 species, ranging from food crops, such as the potato and the tomato, to various ornamentals and medicinal species.The following entails interesting information about the Solanum genus and types of Solanum plants.. Information about Solanum Genus The cut can then be confidently extensive and indeed up to half of the existing stock. My advice. Lycianthes rantonnetii) - deciduous shrub with blue-purple flowers. Well, there are two reason to prune solanum rantonetii: If you're using your solanum rantonetii as a hedge, the answer is obvious. Foliage: Evergreen. Fertilize your plant twice during the growing season … Keep track of your plants with reminders & care tips – all to help you grow successfully. This map divides North America into 11 zones, according to average annual minimum winter temperatures. This plant develops bluish-purple blooms with yellow middles during summer and continues to flower into fall. If you prefer a more organic fertilizer, bone meal is a good high-phosphorous choice. Each zone has an average winter temperature that is 10 °F (−12 °C) warmer (or colder) than the zone adjacent to it. Light Needs. The trade also has resources ready to kill the pests. Any diseased or damaged shoots should also be removed. It grows 6-8' high and bears dark purple flowers all summer long. The cultivar Lycianthes rantonnetii 'White' has b… With the first frosty nights, the gentian bush has to spend the winter in the house. Solanum rantonnetii 'Royal Robe' is an evergreen from Argentina. Lawrie selects plants for their architectural shape and beauty. Home > Plant care and Growing Guides > Royal Robe. Since the Solanum rantonnetii is not hardy, it must be protected already before the first frost. Solanum Care Must-Knows Solanum grows best in full sun or part shade and moist, well-drained soil. Then the earth can be enriched with a slow release fertilizer. Cultivation. This plant typically grows to about 5 feet (1.5 m) in height, so take that into account when planning your garden. The ideal time for this is spring, before the gentian tree is allowed outside. Category: Shrubs. Solanum urbanum: One vendor has this plant for sale. USDA Zone ? Light Needs. My ideas. To find out which hardiness zone you live in, go to the National Gardening Association website and enter your zip code. Then a repot is in a slightly larger vessel. Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater. My plants. Half Sun – Prefers 3 To 6 Hours of Sunlight a Day. These are followed by red berries It also contains the nightshades and horse nettles, as well as numerous plants cultivated for their ornamental flowers and fruit. Medium-size evergreen shrub with slender arching stems. Cottage/Informal, Containers, City, Beds and borders, Mediterranean, Wallside and trellises. This video is brought to you in partnership with The Home Channel, DStv channel 176. As it is a large plant that will require a big container, it's advisable to use a container that's fitted with wheels to make moving it easier. Several cultivars have been produced with different colored foliage and blossoms. Displays masses of large, fragrant, rich blue-violet flowers with yellow centers over long season. If youve ever seen it bloom, you wont forget it. 14 members have or want this plant for trade. The flowering period extends from the housing in such a winter garden. By: Annita Lawson 21 September, 2017. а картофельным деревом, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Create an account or log in. Blue Potato Bush, Solanum rantonnetii Lycianthes rantonnetii (Blue Potato Bush) is an evergreen shrub boasting a nearly non-stop display of lightly fragrant, purple-blue flowers adorned with bright golden centers. If you aren't sure what kind of fertilizer you have, check the ingredients. It can be trained on a trellis, pool fence or pergola, wherever there's a … Pinching the tips of new growth encourages bushiness. If you … Evergreen - ovate to lance-shaped, often wavy-margined, smooth, mid- to deep-green leaves 6-10cm (2½in) longBlue - blue purple (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Houseplant care - the best tips for all seasons, Hydrangea Annabelle: Care and cutting of the snowball hydrangea, Insensitive houseplants - 14 easy-care + decorative plants, Wrong jasmine, peasant jasmine - care and cutting, Piston thread - plants, location and care, Winter-hard ornamental grasses and grasses for balcony and garden, Pastures, curly willow & silver oil pasture - care and cutting, Plant crepe myrtle - explained step by step, Gentian shrub, Solanum rantonnetii - care, cutting and wintering, ideal are pot or garden soil from the trade, Before planting, enrich soil with compost or coconut fibers, do not use limescale water, better is rainwater from the bin or filtered tap water, Roots should never dry out or be exposed to constant moisture, The top layer of the soil should be slightly dry before the plant is re-poured, use liquid fertilizers for flowering plants from the trade, Fertilize regularly from spring to autumn, Do not make radical cuts, just cut into shape, due to the radical pruning the shrub does not bloom, even a shoot that has become too long with buds and flowers may fall victim to the pair of scissors if it disturbs the overall picture, Therefore, to grab the scissors over the year, if necessary, between June and July cut off individual head drives over a length of 10 to 15 cm, show first shoots on the cuttings, the propagation has succeeded, at a waxy height of about 20 cm, the foil is removed, The shape cut begins when the young plant has reached a height of about 30 cm, Pot one size bigger every second or third year, make sure to provide new ground every year, Put on the plant and put in the rest of the earth, then pour well and refrain from further water additions in the next two weeks, The shrub must be dug up every year before winter, this can be difficult at a height of four meters, with this same procedure as with the plant cultivated in the tub, In areas with a mild winter climate, it is usually sufficient to protect the shrub with brushwood, straw and garden fleece. Overview A sprawling shrub or rambling vine that bears a profusion of deep violet-blue, trumpet shaped flowers in summer. Half Sun.