Software developer James Goodnight is the richest person in North Carolina, according to Forbes. American businessman, CEO and the Chairman of his family's Arvest Bank, James Carr Walton, has a net worth of $53.3 billion in November 2019. James Leininger, founder of Kinetic Concepts Inc. that is now owner by … Source of wealth: Oracle About James Carr Walton. Jim runs family's Arvest bank, which has branches in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Ranked as the ten richest men in the world by the Forbes List, Jim Net worth: $1.6 billion Gail Miller is the head of the Larry H. Miller Group, which she started with her late husband, Larry. Source of wealth: Berkshire Hathaway. Larry Ellison. Net Worth: $58.2 B. Both the current major stakeholder, Jim, and Alice Walton, are worth more than $44 billion in 2020, and they ranked 16th and 17th that year, on the Forbes annual list of billionaires. ... the richest people only had a nine-figure net worth, Forbes writes. 19, with a net worth of $41.2 billion (up from 2018). S. Robson Walton, Walmart, No 18, with a net worth of $44.3 billion (down from 2018); Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, No. Net Worth: $48 B. The Forbes 400 : Walton Tops List of Richest Americans - Los Angeles Times Also, oil and gas driller Rodney Lewis had a net worth in March of $1.5 billion. As of March 2020, Walton was the 8th-richest person in the world, with a net worth of US$54.6 billion. He is the youngest son of Sam Walton The richest of the rich in America is worth $2.8 billion, while the poorest of the rich checks in at a mere $150 million. Net Worth: $190.5 Billion The Waltons have been dominating this list for over ten years, and they are by some measure the most prosperous clan of the world. The group owns a variety of companies, including the NBA's Utah Jazz. The three richest families are worth $301 billion, one fourth of cumulative net worth of all the wealthiest families. James Carr Walton (born June 7, 1948) is an heir to the fortune of Walmart, the world's largest retailer. Source of wealth: Microsoft. Net worth: $14.4 billion Source of wealth: Ziff Davis Inc. William Ziff Jr. sold the magazine publisher his father created, Ziff Davis Inc. , which published PC Magazine, for $1.4 billion in 1994. Warren Buffett. 4. 5.