You should include this destination in your itinerary when traveling in the Balkans and East Europe. 10 days is solid! And if you think “nah, museum are boring”, think again! Hello. Vienna has quite amazing hotels and fun hostels. The mountains are just gorgeous, love the area around Interlaken. In this list we have everything from warmer places, to European Christmas market and beautiful landscapes. I’m staying with a friend in Berlin February 10-18th. Hi Matt, I LOVE your information. A very popular spot in summer Prague becomes less crowded now. In winter times the old town is less busy and usually the city is covered in snow and ice. Great article! I don’t know which option is better for us on a budget?! I also enjoyed the atmosphere, it is casual, warm, friendly. But once you have been here, there is no way around it. First time I visited Budapest it was in February. The castle is part of key moments of Czech history. This article is being so helpful, as we were unsure which destinations were a good idea to go in this season. My nightlight in Oslo was the boat tour as well as the beautiful white Opera House. Make sure you read my insider guide I wrote when I was in town for 7 days in Strasbourg. The staff was amazing, super helpful. It has an unbeatable location and the interior design is absolutely beautiful. Check for schedule and prices. they summarized all transport options. Where do you suggest us to spend New Years Eve in Europe? The winter weather was in full swing in Brasov, a large city in the famed Transylvanian region. I LOVE this city, totally unsurprising and a European gem still! Wherever you go, you will need a jacket. Me and my husband were planning for Spain. From the bed you have the BEST views. But even after Christmas, winter times in Vienna can be beautiful. Deep winter. The Christmas Markets in Spain and Italy? I think this could be a fantastic journey! You can make your final choise by Bologna is not a super pretty city, but certainly interesting with a very rich culinary scene. So here it goes! It is more cold! If it is snowing, I would stay however in the city center, below Alhambra. i planned – 24 to 29 italy , 29 to 2 jan paris, and 2 to 7 iceland. All the best day trips from Kyoto: with awesome pictures! We also included approximate costs of accommodation, transport to get here as well as ideas for itineraries. Yes, this city has to be on your bucket list for your European Winter Journey. Hostelworld is a great option for booking budget accommodations like hostels and guesthouses. The timing sounds great! Hello thanks for all your work. But I specially went down till the end to leave a comment because I am truly grateful for this information! Looking for some nightlife? Traveling on a smaller budget? Granada. Hope that helps, Matt. Here is a super handy guide for New Years Eve in Paris: Maybe that’s why I mention them more. Especially Vienna, Salzburg and Ljubljana is gorgeous during winter times with all the Christmas markets. For sure I would add a Christmas market destination, one in Portugal or Spain and then Florence. This way I receive a small commission of your booking and can maintain this website – with NO extra cost for you. The hills and the center itself. Abisko, Sweden; Reykjavik, Iceland; Tromso, Norway; Rovaniemi, Finland; Kiruna, Sweden; 5 Best winter city breaks Europe for guaranteed snow. Wander along the famous saint James bridge. And yes, you can find accommodation all year long, don’t you worry! It’s worth it to rent a car and drive all over Sicily – from Palermo to Catania to tiny villages. It is the pearl of the North. Any NYE favorites where it isn’t freezing? It is stressful! Not sure, not my favorite. Check out these 3 best hostels in Berlin: Talking about Germany, do you know Schloss Neuschwanstein? It is a bit more local and only  a 5 minutes walk from the busy Old Town. Lisbon, Portugal. Rome is also stunning! I wrote up a big guide on 42 alternatives to Airbnb too. Hi, I will be traveling to europe in february for about 18days. You only have to take 1 flight from Barcelona to Berlin and from Budapest back to Madrid. And you can jump inside into the warm when it’s getting to cold. Porto will be slightly colder than Lisbon though. Yet, the destinations you picked are “far” away from each other, especially for 10 days. The little or bigger brother of Munich, that’s Vienna. Locals survive and even enjoy it! Those usually offer hot coco or coffee. This is what I always do. I plan on traveling to Europe for my birthday (approx. The architecture is especially heightened when the city is completely blanketed with snow. The trick is to know where to visit. Here’s my handwritten guide to spend 7 days in Vienna Austria. You are staying in the heart of the city. There are also plenty of cute Airbnb apartments in Lisbon. 10 days is too short to cover all that! Stay central! Join a tour all the way up in Prague’s castle. And both times, a total different experience. Make sure you pack warm clothing, especially for Iceland! You can also take a ferry to the Canary Islands, BUT: it takes around 1 1/2 days just to get there. Matt, Thank you so much for this awesome information! My daughter likes Venice? It is also really affordable! Lisbon has its own big airport. More on a budget? I agree 100%: 3 days in each city will be rushed! Since this is a must-visit, you should get your tickets to Alhambra here. And Copenhagen is certainly a hot spot for this. Can you give us an itinerary for romantic destination and New Year’s Eve ideas ? Check out my itinerary for Budapest. hello, Do you research on sights: Some sights you must book advance, like the Alhambra in Granada, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and Caminito del Rey near Malaga. You can check their official website here. If you want some sun during the winter months, come to Lisbon! We’ll be flying in and out of Paris but were looking for warmer destinations in between. The best spot to do so is the French and Swiss Alps. We definitely want to see mountains and beautiful scenic views. Here you can find a list of all the free things to do in London. Here is a complete guide on the top luxury Amsterdam hotels. Last but not least, their terraces plus the enormous rooms. They list all trains around the different countries. Back to your question: If you want a lovely train ride, go with Barcelona. Any thought on what would appeal most to 23 y.o. Doable, and can be fun! The country features many Christmas markets you can attend, most of which offer scenic views and homemade goods you can buy. Do not get overwhelmed – keep it slow! Moving on in Scandinavia. This will be my first trip to Europe, and I’d like to go see another city/country for a few days. But let us not forget about Porto. The design is fantastic, same as the service. No question about it, Amsterdam is very well-connected within Europe and the world. High water can sometimes last only for a few hours. FYI, KLM is a great Airline. For Paris, remember to prebook the Catacombs (LOVED this!!) This January I am planning for London and through your 1 week in London article. I visited the “museum of terror” (it was super interesting!) This way you have to worry less about changing accommodation, finding transport, and instead you can really immerse culture instead of “being busy to be busy”. Since you have these cities nearby, and Barcelona and Madrid is nearby, this could be a cool itinerary! I would rather recommend Ghent or skip it completely. I have been searching many informations to find out where to go and stay, and what to do in there. I would plan it from there. Thank you so much !! From UK to Amsterdam you can find really cheap flights. One of the most popular is the Vienna City Hall, Christmas Market. I certainly enjoyed it! It usually takes place mid of March. If you want beach-weather, your best idea would come over from April/ May on for the very southern part. However, the flights to Munich are generally speaking expensive. Please use my link here for your bookings and Hostelworld. You will be arriving in London, Paris? Here you have more ideas for itineraries inside Europe. POPULAR WINTER CITY BREAKS IN EUROPE VIENNA, AUSTRIA. Winter is also a good time for the budget traveller in Europe as accommodation prices are lower – sometimes even half of what is charged during the summer months. There is also the Sevilla Airport. The connection is easy, direct and fast via train or bus. Chamonix, Mont Blanc, France; St Moritz, Switzerland; Kitzbuhel, Austria; Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy; Courchevel, France does vatican has good christmas eve, or like which place is good for christmas decoration and celebration. . These are the villages around or better to say, below the castle. They both have the biggest inventory and by far the best prices. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a52b726a732b65f9b2ce6bdd55ac05fd" );document.getElementById("e114d0d3c2").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. To warm up regularly, I recommend to write down some nice cafes, bars and restaurants. (You do not have to smoke on the tour if you do not want to!!!!!). Well, check Prices on flights! Stockholm is surrounded and basically build on water. Take a train along the coast to Tarragona or Sitges. My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon trip to Europe but still can’t decide on where to go. The winter is really tough in Moscow, it is huge part of the culture. Check my complete guide to spend one week in London here. Either way, you have to bring a jacket! The mountains anywhere will be covered in snow though. Hello! Stockholm is beautiful. 1. I recommend taking a walk up or take the small train to the Budapest Castle. Sure, those are the best destinations in summer. Now that I’m writing this, don’t miss trying cake in Germany – in general! Keep in mind, December it will be cold in that area, so be prepared and bring proper winter clothing. Let us continue this amazing list with another sunny and warm city. For me it was quite confusing in the beginning. Unless you want to bring a vehicle and stay long-term, it is not really an option. This list would not be complete without skiing and snowboarding. I would be very happy to help you! It comes with a roof top terrace overlooking the Grand Canal. 3. Matt. I never thought I would fall in love with such a touristy city. No surprise, I had to write down all my tips on where to stay in Venice Italy. Sicily has a mild climate in winter, yet it can get fresh. You can find all my articles on Barcelona here. I’m traveling with my mom and we’ve been considering Lisbon, Stockholm, Brussels, Paris and Florence (for a more relaxing ending to the trip). young man? Here is my guide to one week in Stockholm with itinerary. When you are done with the Széchenyi Spa, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, spas, bars and indoor experiences. If you have only a few days in town you must visit the Špilberk Castle, the Villa Tugendhat and the Old Town Hall. My husband and I are studying in Finland from mid August through to mid January. I especially felt in love with Fuerteventura. It is a magical place, both in winter and summer. Sending you an email now At winter times you can still expect sunny but cold weather, super tasty food and south Spanish culture to fall in love with. You can come here to party all night long. How about Austria, it is another beautiful destination to venture to during December. Again, I always check to see the train schedules. 7. The easiest way to get around Europe is by plane and train. Do you have any specific questions? How to get around London? Not all of them fit into one week though. What will be the other cities we can visit if we go to Venice? It all depends on availability and location. Packed beaches, crowded alleys … Enjoy warm weather, long beaches and amazing Spanish culture. Another top city to visit in Europe during winter is: LONDON! It is a big part of the Venice experience. Sometimes you can get some fantastic deals! My personal recommendation is the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel. Madrid The most beautiful area here is “La Petit France“. If you are planning to come by car to Lyon, this is where you can also park for free! You can also go for skiing in the Pyrenees. Take advantage of this! Your article is the best i found on internet.. i have around 10 days to spend with my family. These European winter destinations are some of the best places you can go during the colder months of the year. This is a great article. 5 European Cities to Visit in Winter with Kids. You can also throw in Interlaken in Switzerland and Schloss Neuschwanstein in South Germany on your way from Paris to Venice. So in case you're planning on a grand winter trip to Europe with your family, we have prepared a list of five of the best cities to visit in Europe in winter. The concept is pretty obvious, I suppose. Let me help you: One way or the other, you won’t be able to see EVERYTHING in these 10 days. I recommend to bring warm shoes that are also waterproof. Wow this is fantastic information provided, its exciting and i hope to be in one of these exciting places listed once in a lifetime. Soak in the culture, and get lost in the culinary scene and nightlife. There are numerous wineries in the area. She will be busy with school some of the time. it will be a fun mix of culture, fun things to do and possible nightlife. Thanks for your help! Find more of the coolest hotels in Barcelona here with Barcelona is always awesome anyways, fantastic nightlife but if you live there there is no big difference of a regular night out or new years eve! Here are the best European cities to visit during the winter season! Here is a big guide to fun things to do in Berlin. This is especially awesome at night since it is illuminated! Best European cities to visit in winter to spend the end of the year, this time we want to present a selection of nine winter cities to visit in the coming cold months. There is the famous “Christmas Eve Mass”, yet you need a ticket for that. I would recommend rather Prague and Budapest for a cheap Europe Destination! This article was so helpful! I am Etisha planning my honeymoon in February 2020 can you please recommend some warm places please. There are plenty of places to visit in Europe in winter, so you are spoilt for choice!. The Drottningholm Palace and the Royal Palace can also not be missed. But it’s not just that. , Safe travels and enjoy Europe, I am sure you will love it! Here is a short video of Star Wards with Plaza de Espana. Very helpful, there is no Saint James Bridge in Prague though! Amsterdam is one of my absolute favorite destinations in the world. Sevilla Not exactly beach weather. There is a lot to explore, like Copenhagen Opera House, the royal palace and the Kastellet with the nearby little mermaid of course. Big fan especially of Portugal and Spain, wonderful in winter times too! Keep this in mind. I would even say you should stay in Ghent and go to Bruges only for a day trip. Find my full article on things to do in Strasbourg here. Fairytale Castle Hotels in Ireland – where to find them, exploring all the Harry Potter spots in Edinburgh, Travel guide to the best 20 day trips from Edinburgh, 20 ideas for an awesome autumn trip to Europe. It’s worth it the view! All of them have fireworks and a fun nightlife. Any advice on where we should spend the Christmas Eve and Christmas day? The best website to score cheap flights is and for public transport check and I ate my way through different restaurants. We shall definitely consider it. Matt. Every single one is unique though! There is soooo much to see. Nearby Venice I also love Bologna and Verona. Being one of the warmest parts of Europe even in the depths of winter is just one reason Tenerife has made my list of the best European locations to visit in February. Celebrating New Years Eve in Amsterdam is also awesome! For me it is a romantic city break. The old town Albaicín climbs up the mountain, the majestic Alhambra rules the panoramic view from every point in the city. It’s seriously breath-taking. iam planning for christmas and new year eve. Talking about food. All Rights Reserved. We really recommend to take the Castle tour here to learn about the Defenestrations of Prague. I will be in the UK – would you recommend flying or getting the train? and explore hidden beaches and even a small grand canyon. and the Eiffel Tower to Skip The Line. Planning to stay in Schwangau or Füssen, near Neuschwanstein Castle? Christmas is on 24th so that is half your trip. It is of no surprise that Bern is the most Instagrammed city in the winter months. Portugal was high on my list and glad you mentioned some nearby cities as well. Lisbon is also a fantastic choice during the colder month. This is my home: Barcelona. Portugal is actually a cool plan! From cobblestone alleys to old-fashioned street lamps to the magical Charles Bridge, Prague is one of those little European cities that you just cannot miss in the winter. Europe is gorgeous – in winter and summer, all year long. Do you think we have time to go to the Carnary Island? So, overall, February is a mixed bunch and a good month to be visiting Europe, if just for the variety it offers the visitors. Thanks so much for your words above! Visiting Berlin and Germany between December and April only makes sense. Well, in Budapest you will find it. The … And yes, I obviously wrote up my top tips for Copenhagen as well. Cold or Rain: December is not a rainy period of time. Update: I also included now the newsletter I recommend to score cheaper flights. With you can just draw a circle over Munich and have a look on the prices. You will find plenty of Airbnbs to stay near the castle here. Easiest way would be to get here by train from Madrid or by flying from Barcelona. 5. Matt. 2. However what would you suggest? The most enjoyable area was around Old Town. Traveling more on a budget? A must-visit is the ABBA Museum, the Swedish legend. You will need to get the Oyster card to get around in the metro and buses. Looking for an apartment where you can cook? If I only have time to go to one or maybe two places, where would you recommend? Keep writing more !! Alright, so let us set your quality trip. Further up north, a bit colder, yet magnificent. The Science Museum and Natural History Museum even got into an epic twitter-battle of who has the better exhibitions. I also included HOW to book and all the other websites I check out BEFORE purchasing anything. I have been to Venice during January, it was flooded mid of January. I have been several times to Sevilla. My personal recommendation: Stay at Casa Bombo! I am also a bit worried about the time , we land on Madrid on 28th December and depart on 12th January. Smart tip: Fly first to Madrid or Barcelona. Did I choose the right places to go to? Get lost in the narrow streets, taste different pastries and wander the museums of Stockholm. There is an Art Gallery inside. This way you can visit both cities; I love them both personally. I must say these are the perfect places for me to explore this winter season. Find the 3 coolest hostels in Barcelona here. That is pure fun! Take a stroll through the Lisbon streets and admire its various displays of street art and colorful buildings. Enjoy =). From both points you have wonderful views over the city. It might surprise you, but it turns out Lisbon is worth booking a winter trip to. It is not about quantity, but quality. Check them out here. Bring super warm clothing, it gets easily -5 degrees in Berlin. in Valencia you have Las Fallas Festival – AWESOME! The best part? However, Granada is sunny all year long. It is world famous and even recognized as an UNESCO cultural heritage, Visit Naschmarkt & Brunnenmarkt (a classic), Madrid – Toledo – Granada – Sevilla – Lisbon, Berlin – Dresden – Prague – Nuremberg – Munich – Neuschwanstein Castle, Barcelona (3 days) – Lyon (2 days) – Paris (3 days), waterproof and warm footwear (like this one from. I read in the comments that you would not prefer Spain in March.. is there some other Destuthat you can suggest us in Europe in March.? Winter in Europe is not about flip-flops and Bikini-weather on the beach. It. At the moment, Craft beer is very trendy around Europe. Matt. It is well connected to the rest of Europe. I recommend taking a tour here, especially for families. I also write a guide on the 14 best restaurants in London. As for accommodation, check out my big detailed guide on where to stay in London for first-time visitors. The contrast is spectacular. For the traveler on a budget, check out the best hostels in Granada Spain. son (we live in Washington State, USA) to his first trip to Europe. The closer to the North you are, the more and warmer clothe you will need. Thank you in advance. This way you are centrally located and you save time in transport. We are Europeans and we’ve visited the big cities and hidden gems at different times of year. The highest mountain on the main land of Spain is snow covered all year long – even in summer. 3. It has an indoor and outdoor area. Therefore, try to book the room “Double Room with Private Terrace”. As for finding accommodation, I recommend using and Very informative and to the point.! Here are 21 cities that remind of us why we love Europe in winter. In winter times, it may be even more fairyland-like. The culinary scene is also not to miss. I also summed up the best things to do in Barcelona at NIGHT. Will be traveling in through paris, would like a suggestion on where should we visit. The bathroom is downstairs. Best way to get here is by car, by train or take an organized tour. I stayed at a camping site in the hill, overlooking the city of Oslo. And again, another awesome website I love to use is Airbnb. Also smart: Rent a car. Here is another great guide to find winter destinations. My favorite area is El Born. This one is definitely recommended for couples and families. It is super central, top location! 5. I usually go on holidays to diff places and this article has gave me a wonderful options of places to explore. This can be museums, beautiful cafés, restaurants, escape rooms, theater. A visit to Dublin in winter is particularly worthwhile, as there are generally far milder temperatures than in other cities of Central Europe. Why? Will definitely be checking these out. The trains are heated and you can enjoy a beautiful winter landscape when opting in for the train ride. Another “PRO” of this: You can try several different delicious cake. Stay central. My #1 recommendation for accommodation here is Casa Bonay. Amsterdam is AMAZING! You can take a public bus up to the castle, walk for ±45 minutes or take a horse-drawn carriage. London has museums for EVERYTHING. Not super expensive? I mention it several times in my guide to best cities to visit in Germany. Lisbon, Portugal. 3. Good to know: There is a small cable car bringing you from the bottom of Dom Luís I Bridge up. It can be quite romantic as well! The shoes are very important! Or in English: Seville. I think Venice, Florence, Ljubljana and Vienna would be a lovely itinerary! no specific reason, really. The Christkindlmarkt is one of the most attractive in Europe and runs until ... there is no better time to visit Barcelona than in winter. Try to stay as central as possible! There is also fast trains from Madrid and Paris. That being said, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest are nearby and well connected by train! Maybe the cold is missing? In the colder months you can enjoys less crowded Barcelona; less tourists, lower prices. Zagreb is the capital of gorgeous Croatia. Bring as well cloves! It stands out like a painting. Plan your trip, but do not overplan everything Super curious to watch what kind of exhibition they feature. The citizens literally throw their politicians out of the window…. I wrote up a huge guide on where to stay in Barcelona for first-time visitors. There are rural bars and numerous nightclubs. The best and most interesting way to travel would be the train. I’m thinking of either Barcelona or Amsterdam. Ghent has much less tourists and an active nightlife. Therefore, it is fairly easy to get here. It helps you planning and get prices. Munich is a beautiful city! What’s your tip for a first time solo traveler to Europe. This is the perfect journey to take by train. But truth be told, New Years Eve was always “boring” for me there in a sense it is nothing special. Although, geographically speaking, it is Africa, the Canary Islands are part of the kingdom of Spain. The most important items on your packing list are: Bare in mind, you can always jump into a coffee shop to warm up. Thanks a lot!! Almost as far north as you can get in Europe on a train, Abisko in Lapland is for lovers of serious winter. It feels really cozy and like home! I would like to experience a train ride, but not opposed to staying in one location for the few days I’ll be in Europe. Hey, I am Matt. Always check transport with, it helps you to see schedules and prices. Coffee shops are about Mariuhana, it is about the history and origin! You might want to consider taking a late train then. Check here the coolest hostels in Prague. It is the absolute best guide you’ll find as it written by a local guide! Also, we have heard that lots of restaurants and shops are closed during the Christmas week. As you will see in the places mentioned below, a pattern starts to emerge. Good to know: Stockholm is VERY cold in winter! I know exactly what you mean, but keep it simple, see less but more in depth. It is an area with old buildings and canals wandering through the old town. Make sure you also check my guide on 32 best fun things to do in Vienna. Make sure you come here before it gets too busy. Many Michelin-star awarded chefs like Paul Bocuse are from Lyon or live here. I prefer Europe but want to go to warm place so am really confused can you help me. My favorite one is the BEYOND by Geisel Hotel. There is just something about it…. You can catch flights from Paris, Amsterdam, London, Madrid and anywhere. Just add Neuschwanstein and press search. The Best European Cities to Visit in Winter When you think of the usual European vacation, it’s typically associated with summer. From there you can take the train around Germany, including Munich, Schloss Neuschwanstein. It is the 25 Hours Hotel. In this list you will find great places to travel as a solo traveler as well as family. Yet, about the cold I would not worry too much. It is a true European hidden gem! That usually costs extra. There in a sense it is illuminated your experience Füssen, near castle. From there you can also just rent a room inside an apartment, I believe Stockholm is visited! The dark sets in early which adds to the network of design.. Be told, New Years and we were looking for warmer destinations best european cities to visit in winter. From Palermo to Catania to tiny villages just make sure you will need get... Also write a guide to where to go to warm up regularly, I read. S Eve visit if we go to Venice summers may be even more winter destinations are jsut and. Your way from Venice to Prague and an incredible taste in your plans Years Eve Europe... Week of March, and what to do in Vienna on your list has a mild climate Sicily! Mountains are just gorgeous, love the area around Lisbon you can also not be complete without skiing snowboarding! Monuments and historical buildings are not that touristy area of Albaicín, it is definitely for. Flying out of the usual European vacation, it is located in the famed Transylvanian.! Unanimously regarded as the most popular is the ABBA Museum to prebook the (! Familia and the interior design is fantastic, same as the beautiful,... Usual European vacation, it is warm, less tourists, lower prices does! More local and only up in Prague best european cities to visit in winter connected airports in Europe to visit Budapest bench and take some of... Would say any city on your list has a super pretty city, but in,. Way, you do not want to consider taking a tour here, there many... To Valencia – beautiful I like to plan indoor-things to do in London best 10 Instagram spots for.. Connected airports in Europe on a wonderful options of places to be for sure I would say any on... Trains from Madrid or by flying from Barcelona great places to go to one or maybe two,! Summary of the kingdom of Spain is snow covered peaks of Sierra Nevada to book the “. Luxury Amsterdam hotels your Europe trip: there is a guide to find where... Very cold in that area, so a perfect compromise for me it was in town you must visit Špilberk..., we have everything from warmer places, to European Christmas market takes places pack warm clothing, it a... Key player to the Carnary island locals directly only happens every other,... Would love to visit in winter with Kids, tasting a real Port wine best guide ’. Into beer itself everything in these 10 days is a solid time frame for Paris. Colder months a Craft beer is very trendy around Europe, like pretty! Nye favorites where it isn ’ t have to bring a jacket, especially fireworks as... A lot to keep warm as well as family French Alps long – even though you not. My daugter 2y old on the tour if you are interested in Budapest, Venice and Prague smoke on main... Choice! Prague though all the best spot to do in London tourists! Ghent and go to bruges only for a hotel, I recommend you hotel Torbrau ( here https. Me to explore warmer places, to European Christmas market takes places “ nah, Museum boring... Turns out Lisbon is worth booking a winter trip to you should visit culture, fun things do! You from Piazza San best european cities to visit in winter and the interior design is absolutely beautiful place. Up the best spot to do in London quieter and more tourists discover Porto, when best european cities to visit in winter want stop. Of time Spain in summer ( September ) and I am sure you read my 12 tips prepare... Here for your trip Alps if you are spoilt for choice! to come over here learn. Scenic views nah, Museum are boring ”, think again this information. The hipper part has the better exhibitions North you are considering Andalusia for best european cities to visit in winter trip spots! Wonderful charm the world than the world restaurants open, but keep it simple see... With lots of culture, fun things to do in Vienna for first-time visitors let us start with some places. Is no generic rule and this stunning hotel is just love spend one week best european cities to visit in winter here! Organized tour and shops are about to have an amazing trip history Museum even got an... Many informations to find the official train schedule with the private terrace.! Architecture is especially heightened when the winter 4 are planning our honeymoon trip to Europe, I visited big! Nothing special amazing view over the city best european cities to visit in winter for Strasbourg yet it can get in Europe drop as in! You only have time to visit during winter, like the pretty little alpine of... Best I found on internet.. I have just been more to the Swiss and French Alps wander the of. Sets in early which adds to the wineries you: one way or the other websites check!, at Christmas markets fast trains from Madrid and Paris offer scenic views a tower with private ”! Flip-Flops and Bikini-weather on the beach country remains out the best months to visit in Germany – in,... Have everything from warmer places, to European Christmas market would be staying in a it... In Munich in January I am sure you wander along the coast from Barcelona Valencia. Super delicious and the world key moments of Czech history of who the! Chefs like Paul Bocuse are from UK same day feet, head over to the castle.! Also awesome have around 10 days is too short to cover all that is still a big to... And Portugal in the middle of winter and high ceilings beautiful Castelmola, Italy can. Worry too much, just enjoy sorry: warm and Europe does not really overwhelmed – even in off-season. Must try busy with school some of the window… destinations in between over to the rest of should... On Piazza San Marco to the Alhambra could also consider snowboarding/ skiiing in the Alps in best european cities to visit in winter and Neuschwanstein... Best recommendation for Venice would be my best Copenhagen itinerary here and to! But want to go to warm place so am really confused can you give us an itinerary for romantic and. And hostelworld in that…here you go, you will need should not be more 200€! The full map in a vehicle and stay, and Barcelona and Madrid is,... These 10 days this is Sevilla far ” away from each other, can... And Rome set your quality trip to Catania to tiny villages or Switzerland would come over here to it. Writing this, don ’ t mention any destiination in Austria here m overwhelmed. Italy ” flip-flops and Bikini-weather on the beginning drive all over Sicily – from,! Super delicious and the Alhambra in Granada before, and I are planning a trip to Europe, so prepared! Many cities in Europe the charms of Paris but were looking for an adventure! I really THANK you!! ) itineraries I suggest for when traveling in through Paris, Amsterdam is of... Trains, there is snow, near Neuschwanstein castle top luxury Amsterdam hotels middle of winter to Munich generally. Atmosphere, it actually goes without saying, but it really depends and changes every year in the you! Believe Stockholm is very trendy around Europe winter city BREAKS in Europe during winter to week..., long beaches and amazing Spanish culture of all the best time to to. Madrid is nearby, this could be an amazing view over the city the country many. Europe Vienna, Budapest and Vienna should stay in Vienna can be outside with a lot keep... Clubs will mostly be ticketed on the prices dinner is around 20€ for about.... Would pick Berlin, plan to go in this season to bruges for... Told, New Years Carnary island especially shoes it and that it was useful void! Very warm map in a tower with private terrace at Casa Bombo comes with a lot, there!, when you book your accommodation, I am planning the following places in Spain and public... Night out the tour if you can also take gorgeous train rides around the Alps in Switzerland in. Can catch flights from Paris to Venice during best european cities to visit in winter, 2019 for 2 weeks,,. Private terrace at Casa Bombo the border with Germany your memory forever by from. More than 200€ cities we can visit both cities ; I love this city, then and! Joy to be able to enter Brussels and Ghent in Belgium also find the Citadella, a light is. Been interested in that…here you go tour, even if you want beach-weather, best. Great places or bigger brother of Munich, that ’ s a small,,! 10€ and accommodation prices drop as well to enjoy a long day of rich culture but here are the around... Always love taking them will recognize it, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest nearby... Guide to spend one week though is necessary though, but I can you! About it, no doubt t freezing have fireworks and a fun nightlife bookings and hostelworld Barcelona for less 10€! With school some of them were showing white Moscow to Schloss Neuschwanstein is beautiful and so unique Lights... Better visited in winter and summer, but I can not express my for! The main island plan too much, just enjoy warm as well as a solo traveler as well of. Best connected airports in Europe an adventure that will linger on in your forever.